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  • Written by Rick Ellis

This Is Why People Hate Your Website: GQ.com Edition

Autoplay video on the page of a website is a tool of Satan, but at least I understand the business rationale behind the decision. The website wants to goose video ad streaming numbers and the best way to do that is autoplay, since most visitors won't be able to stop the video before it plays long enough to register as a "view" for the website.

But I'm a bit stumped by the aggressively unclear reasoning behind this page on GQ.com, which autoplays a Vevo music video that is low enough on the page that you likely won't see it when you first enter the page. In fact, the animated GIF that is the top image initially looks to be the source of the audio and it's not until you scroll down the page that you see the video window playing the "We Built This City" music video.

The video doesn't have a pre-roll ad, so all I can assume is that either Vevo is playing GQ something per stream for some reason. Or the digital folks at GQ.com just don't care if they have put together an annoying user interface.

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